Inktober 001 – Leonie (2018)

Hey I’m Leonie.

I love creating cute character illustrations!

I’m a 2D character illustrator and voxel games artist based in Victoria, Australia.

Currently I’m a part time Hipster Whale worker bee artist working on Crossy Road projects.

Please note that I do not specialise in UI art, environment design, environment art, 2D game art assets, creature designs, 3D art, animation, video editing, game development or graphic design. As one of the Crossy Road/Hipster Whale artists, I am not allowed to work on similar projects to Crossy Road, especially not using their established voxel art style (yes this did come up a few times).

I do not want to be nor my art to be involved in NFTs nor in any cryptocurrencies. I do not authorise nor consent for any person/business to include my artwork in AI datasets or AI art generators.

I am interested in projects that have a reasonable upfront budget, realistic/flexible deadlines & expectations, a comprehensive, clear brief plus good, understanding, communicative people to work with.

I work best on cute, stylised character designs and character illustration!

Right now (2024) I am not open for freelance work.

I am also busy juggling learning, studying and making personal art in my spare time. I have tried and I don’t have a full time salary but I can’t juggle, hustle, crunch and burn both ends of the candlestick doing freelance work on the side as well. Ideally I want to handle one project at a time at my own slow pace to do high quality work to the best of my ability!

I might be available to freelance remotely if the right, interesting, flexible, manageable 2D character illustration or marketing illustration project comes along and kindly considers my situation and way of working however!

Feel free to email me at, especially if I can help you professionally!

Some of my projects & experience

★ voxel art for the following acclaimed mobile games:

★ three years of concept art, marketing art/ comics/ illustrations, vector art, voxel art and merchandise designs in several different art styles at Mighty Games (Feb 2016 – Feb 2019)

★ promo illustration for Fellow Traveller’s LudoNarraCon 2020

★ polaroid comic collectable illustrations and iStickers for Framed2 (2017)

For a more detailed career summary, please visit my LinkedIn and/or seek the sidebar of my blog.

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Thanks for coming by and catch you around!